The Moneta was a very old and noble family of Counts originating from Milan.

The area can be chronicled back to the 15th century when parts of this illustrious family arrived even in our village leaving to posterity signs of their past generosity. Part of their history lies in our private park as during the period in which their fortune flourished they resided in the centre of the village whilst the numerous workers employed to tend to their land settled in La Monedina.

In 1901 it was registered as Cascina Monetina or as the locals call it Monedina.


In 2003 after spending 20 years abroad we decided to buy this property from the wife of Gianguido Scalfi, a former Bocconi University principal and nephew of poet Ada Negri, and devote our time, energy and resources in restoring it to its former glory; a labour of love.




  • Via Moneta, 51 Carbonate, CO, Italia
  • 333 527 25 70

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